Tele-Mental Health

Poundmaker’s Lodge and our psychologists are a part of the largest and best integrated network in North America, Telehealth. Telehealth is a secure technology at Poundmaker’s Lodge that connects our psychologists with clients in remote locations. Fundamentally, Telehealth connects our psychologists with clients, through the digital transmission of voice, data, images, and clinical information rather than physically moving clients. Access, timelines, productivity, quality, and convenience are all improved, and travel costs are reduced if not avoided.

  • Telehealth provides new models of care – our psychologists can consult in real time as to what is best for the client; for example, follow-up that prevents relapse.
  • Telehealth addresses population needs – so we can increase support to rural areas or out of province clients.
  • Telehealth reduces travel and associated costs for clinical, education and administrative events
  • Telehealth increases the capacity of our psychologists to deliver services and provides support for referrals and agencies in rural areas or isolated, remote environments.

The particular contribution of Telehealth involves the elimination of distance barriers, improving equity of access to services that often would otherwise not be available in remote and rural communities.

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