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Residential Addiction Treatment Program Components

The medicine wheel teaches us that in order to live a healthy life we must have balance in the four dimensions of ourselves: the mental, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. It is our belief that addiction destroys these dimensions and the only effective method of recovery is a holistic approach. Our program combines traditional First Nations, Metis and Inuit spirituality with 12 Step programs (AA, NA, GA), informational lectures, and group therapy to help clients restore balance to their lives.


Clients learn about the root causes of their addiction and the behavior that leads them down the path to addictive behavior. Our programs provide clients with essential tools for living clean and sober, such as skills in communication, problem solving and healthy assertiveness.


The majority of clients have experienced some form of trauma in their lives resulting in anger, shame, and low self-esteem from which they try to numb the pain of past life experiences and self-medicate through substances. Through various techniques and activities clients gain an awareness about their destructive behaviors and learn skills to begin a process of healing from the past giving them new self-awareness to begin a journey of recovery from addictions.


Clients participate in recreational and social activities including swimming, bowling and sober dances. They have daily access to a well-equipped exercise room, gymnasium and kitchen, which help clients on the path to a balanced regimen of healthy diet and exercise.


Clients reconnect with their culture, spirituality and themselves through sweat lodge ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, and sweet grass ceremonies with the guidance of an on-site cultural advisor. All activities at PLTC are conducted with an attitude of deep respect for Indigenous traditions and values.

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